Dotan Appelbaum



40 x 40 x 48 in


assorted wood veneers, plywood, walnut, brackets

About the artist

Dotan Appelbaum is a designer, artist and writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, currently in the final weeks of completing his MFA thesis in Furniture Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Dotan combines backgrounds in craft woodworking, painting, and sociology in attempting to make sense of the contemporary moment in relation to philosophies of history and theories of futurity. How do we go on as designers with the reality of impending catastrophe? How can the past be of use to us if there is no promise of a future? Of particularly interested is how meaning and meaning making change in the digital age for those of us who grew up with, and live lives of, scrambled media and inundation of content.

Puchase info

All purchased works must be picked up from 43 Mercer Street between May 21-22nd, 11am-6pm. To make other arrangements or request a quote for delivery, please email prior to the exhibition's closing on Monday 20th, 6pm.


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