Toosh Incense Holder


8.3 x 1.8 x 1.4 in



About the artist

Beeep is a design studio that explores the intersection of form, function, and narrative. Founded by Jung Park and Yoon Lee, who met while studying Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, Beeep crafts collectible design objects that weave stories of delight and unique identity, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. More than just a place for creativity, the studio serves as a playground where imagination meets tangible reality. By leveraging the power of design, Beeep infuses each piece with a touch of intrigue, while respecting its core function and the intricacies of its manufacturing processes.

Puchase info

All purchased works must be picked up from 43 Mercer Street between May 21-22nd, 11am-6pm. To make other arrangements or request a quote for delivery, please email prior to the exhibition's closing on Monday 20th, 6pm.