May 17-20, 2024

43 Mercer Street

New York, NY 10013

The 2024 presentation of the show will take place inside a former sex shop in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. This year’s exhibition is guest curated by Charles Constantine, co-founder and Creative Director of Bestcase.


Alexis Tingey, Andrew Carter, Astraeus Clarke, August Reed, Aydan Huseynli, beeep, Chris Beeston, Christopher Merchant, Daniel Meza, Dotan Appelbaum, East Otis Studio, Estelle Bourdet, Ginger Gordon, James Burial, Jed Heuer, Johannah Herr, Katharine.NF, Keenan Keeley, Keenan Rowe, Overt Cove, Lucas Hoffman, Masha Chernyakhovskaya, Mia Ziyan Wang, Nine Stories Co, Normalcy & CGD, Scott Newlin, Sophie Collé, Suna Bonometti, Susan For Susan & Niccolo Debole, Theodore Andriese, and Wyatt Speight Rhue